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(Novel Coronavirus) COVID-19 All Details: Resources and Our Building Updates

Firstly, Urban Excubator thanks all the people and essential businesses who are working so tirelessly on the frontline! You are a true inspiration, thank you for being so selfless, courageous and being our nation's guiding light in the face of this trouble.

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COVID-19 Important Update for all members and friends

At Urban Excubator, the health and safety of our coworkers are our topmost prime concerns. As per the physical/social distancing norms, we are closely monitoring it and advise our members to maintain the proper gap inside of the office premises. We notify our members to obey the guidelines by the government and prevent yourself by using all safety precautions.

Every Members Must Have To Follow 5 General Preventive Measures - 

  • Physical Distancing Must Be Required

Engage in Social distancing, members have to maintain 6 feet distance from other people and avoid crowded places.

  • Wear A Cloth Face Mask - Protect Yourself And Others

In the office premises, All members have to wear masks permanently in office premises, if somebody removes the mask and not following the rules, either they must have to give the fine or maybe leave the office immediately.

  • Wash Your Hand Properly 

Wash your hands often is the only way to prevent this disease. Wash your hands at least 20 sec. 

  • Cover Your Cough & Sneeze and Avoid Touching 

Avoid contact with people who are sick, cold, and fever especially those who have flu-like symptoms. Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue, handkerchief, or your sleeve. Avoid touching your face. 

  • Clean And Disinfect Your Used Space or Things

Clean and disinfect your frequently touched objects and surfaces like desks, tables, door handles, railings, bathroom tab, mobile etc. Avoid Handshakes, if somehow you did the handshake with someone then wash your hand or use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer to disinfect your hands.

Coronavirus-Prevention by Urban Excubato

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